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01/19/2017 / By Ethan Huff

The adverse event-deniers who insist that vaccines are 100 percent safe and never cause any problems in children clearly missed

01/16/2017 / By S.D. Wells

There’s no worse karma than betraying your fellow human beings, including children and babies, so that they take the wrong

01/12/2017 / By Ethan Huff

If pressed on the matter, the average person would probably insist that vaccines save lives, and that the science is

01/08/2017 / By David Gutierrez

The assertion that vaccines may cause systematic changes to children’s immune and nervous systems is accepted as a possibility by

01/05/2017 / By JD Heyes

Bill and Melinda Gates, via their Gates Foundation, have donated billions of dollars to fund new vaccines—medicines that, in fact,

07/14/2016 / By hoaxnews

When we hear or read about population control, it does not mean that there are too many people as the

06/22/2016 / By zikatruth

The “enormous demand” created by the international Zika epidemic for traps used to monitor mosquitoes that carry the virus caught

06/22/2016 / By zikatruth

The Zika virus is not being spread by genetically engineered mosquitoes, nor is it transmitted through vaccines. (Article by Meredith

06/22/2016 / By zikatruth

The rise of the Zika virus began decades ago in a jungle in Uganda. The Zika virus outbreak has reached

06/22/2016 / By zikatruth

The French Institute for Public Health Surveillance INVS noted in its June 9 bulletin that St. Martin now has 180

06/22/2016 / By zikatruth

Dallas County Health says two more cases of Zika virus have been confirmed in the county — both imported by

06/22/2016 / By zikatruth

Three babies have been born with birth defects linked to the Zika virus in the United States, and three more

06/20/2016 / By zikatruth

Costa Rica’s tally of confirmed Zika cases exceeded 100 last week, according to the Health Ministry. (Article by L. Arias, republished

06/20/2016 / By zikatruth

The Zika virus outbreak in South America has caused thousands of cases of microcephaly, where an infant is born with an