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Donald Trump, as you may already know, is very well informed on the dangers of vaccines. In fact, during the very first presidential debate, the liberal media tried to destroy Donald Trump by claiming he was “anti-vaccine” (thereby implying that vaccines are always good and never cause harm).

Not only did Donald Trump respond by saying he personally knows people whose children were damaged by vaccines, but then Sen. Rand Paul and Ben Carson also chimed in and both agree that vaccines, as currently pushed by government, are far too dangerous.

What makes vaccines so dangerous? A toxic heavy metal known as mercury, for one thing. Astonishingly, it’s still used in flu shots given to pregnant women and young children.

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You need to get informed on this issue: It’s about to explode on the political scene

As an informed critical thinker, you need to get up to speed on the vaccine issue. One of the best books written on vaccine science was compiled and written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It’s called Thimerosal – Let the Science Speak: The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury – a Known Neurotoxin – from Vaccines

Here, I present selected excerpts from the book, its foreward and executive summary sections. Read this, forward this and understand above all that no one in the lying mainstream media will ever report these crucial facts. The entire mainstream media is run by Big Pharma presstitutes who lie, deceive and propagandize for the benefit of the vaccine companies (drug manufacturers). They will never knowingly report the truth on this subject, no matter how many children are maimed or murdered by vaccines. (See many examples of fake news from the mainstream media at NewsFakes.com)

In addition to the excerpts below, I encourage you to read more from this book by buying it at BN.com (don’t buy from Amazon.com, as Amazon revenues subsidize the Washington Post, a discredit pro-vaccine propaganda mouthpiece for the corrupt state).

What follows is all from the book. I have personally selected the paragraphs to present here.

Foreward by US Congressman Bill Posey

(Excerpted from the book…)

Hundreds of parents from across the country have contacted me in recent years, describing their children as developing normally up to the time of receiving a particular vaccination.

In 2004 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that certain infants receive the annual flu vaccine—most of which contained Thimerosal. Over the next decade the CDC’s annual flu vaccine recommendations were expanded to include annual flu vaccines for infants, children, adults, and the aged.

The continued use of mercury, a known neurotoxin, raises particular concern for populations that are most vulnerable to neurodevelopmental harms, mainly a fetus in utero, infants, young children and the aged. When we speak of the health and safety of our children, our future generation, we speak of a societal responsibility, which we are privileged to bear.

During the writing of this book, I was approached by a CDC researcher who felt personally led to expose instances of research misconduct within the CDC, particularly with regard to a 2004 Pediatrics article, Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta. As this book discloses, this is not the first instance of CDC conduct to come under scrutiny. Regrettably, studies on the relationship between vaccines and autism have been subject to misconduct including data manipulation and false reporting.

Many of the CDC’s own studies have demonstrated a link between increased Thimerosal exposures and the development of vocal and motor tics, which are generally recognized as autismlike features. This alarming association has been downplayed to the public. Sadly, public health agencies’ insistence on Thimerosal’s safety has effectively inhibited objective investigations into research misconduct and conflicts of interest within health agencies and the vaccine industry.

– US Congressman Bill Posey

From Mark Hyman MD

(Excerpted from the book)

There is no debate that mercury in any form is toxic. Scientists may debate the differences in toxicity between different forms of mercury, such as ethylmercury (which is an ingredient in Thimerosal) or methylmercury (from fish). But all would agree that mercury is a potent neurotoxin.

The arguments put forth that we cannot remove Thimerosal from vaccines are invalid. Thimerosal has already been removed from nearly all vaccines except the multidose flu vaccine in the United States. This was based on government recommendations and a call to action from many agencies and health organizations, as is well documented in this book.

However, Thimerosal still remains in nearly all the pediatric vaccines used in the developing world. There are effective alternative preservatives already in use (2-phenoxyethanol), and new ones can be developed. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned mercury as a topical antiseptic (remember Mercurochrome?). And any medical products containing Thimerosal or mercury cannot be thrown in the garbage. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers them hazardous waste. Does it make any sense that even though Thimerosal is not safe to put on your skin, or to throw in the garbage, it is safe to inject into pregnant women and babies?

We should practice the precautionary principle in medicine and avoid doing harm whenever possible. And given the simple fact that mercury is toxic, I can come to no other conclusion than this: we should immediately remove Thimerosal from vaccines and all other products used in medicine.

– Mark Hyman, MD

From Martha R. Herbert, PhD, MD

(Excerpted from the book)

This book advocates one specific step to improve vaccines: removing a known neurotoxin (mercury, in the form of Thimerosal) from the list of ingredients. To make a strong case for taking this step, the book presents voluminous evidence of:

  • The toxicity of Thimerosal
  • Its ineffectiveness even in the bactericidal role it is supposed to play
  • Safer alternatives to Thimerosal that are already available
  • A history of the calls of scientists and high-level governmental and international agencies around the world to remove Thimerosal entirely from vaccines
  • Implementation of this course of action in some other countries

It argues that removing Thimerosal entirely will improve both vaccines themselves and people’s trust in them.

That mercury is toxic cannot be disputed. To say otherwise is to pick a fight with the periodic table and the fundamental principles of physical chemistry. Consider the organization of electrons in atoms. Mercury is a large, heavy atom with more orbitals than lighter metals, like copper or zinc, and has a greater capacity to pick up and exchange electrons. The specific ways it can do this are not as tightly determined as in lighter atoms, making it a biochemical “wild card.” Mercury is thus a metabolic poison because it can insinuate itself into situations where it doesn’t belong. In particular it can substitute itself for lighter metals like zinc and selenium around which critical ancient enzyme systems are designed. This grossly cripples the specificity of enzymes and rates of reaction, and can spread chaos in the networks of metabolic processes, which try to generate workarounds to this logjam—but at great cost to biological and energetic resources, and often without success. This chaos may disrupt development as well as ongoing function throughout life.

Moreover, while claims have been made that the ethylmercury in Thimerosal is safer than the much better-studied methylmercury, these claims are based on weak, questionable evidence and poorly chosen assumptions. As reviewed in Chapters 4-6 herein, available data suggests that the toxicity of these two forms of mercury is at least comparable, and that ethylmercury may leave the blood more quickly—only to persist more stubbornly in organs and tissues of the body, particularly the brain.

Furthermore, mercury’s toxicity can be even worse in the presence of aluminum, which is also an ingredient in many vaccines and has toxicity issues of its own (Chapter 11).

This all being the case, why are we still putting mercury in vaccines—or in any medical product (roughly 169 consumer products including eyedrops and nose drops still contain Thimerosal)—and how can we bring ourselves to stop doing this?

When it comes to mercury, not only is it clearly toxic, even at very low exposures… but our bodies derive no physiological benefit from it whatsoever. Nevertheless, one out of six children in the United States is born with levels of mercury high enough to be put at risk for neurological complications like learning disabilities, motor skill impairments, and short-term memory loss.

We can be exposed to mercury by eating fish (particularly those predators high on the food chain), being downwind of coal-fired power plants and other coal-fired industrial processes such as cement kilns, being near mines, being downwind of trash incinerators that burn hazardous and medical waste, breaking mercury-containing devices such as older thermometers, and having dental amalgams. People, including infants and pregnant mothers, can also be exposed to mercury through vaccines. In the United States, this exposure comes mainly from influenza vaccines. Although Thimerosal was removed from mandatory childhood vaccines in the United States, cumulative exposure is still high due to regular Thimerosal-containing flu shot administration starting in pregnancy and infancy.

To take mercury out of vaccines is a different matter. It is used as a preservative in multidose vials, even though it doesn’t actually do that job so well (Chapter 10), and we have safe and effective alternatives (Chapter 12). Companies making vaccines could either change the preservative or shift to single-dose vials, which actually will not increase societal costs as much as has been claimed…

…By exposing the population to unnecessary mercury in vaccines, we are gambling with population health through the same intervention that we use to protect it.

it is clear now that mercury is something to which no one should be deliberately exposed. As such, it is an error to include it in vaccines or indeed in any therapeutics—and in these domains it is an error within our grasp to correct, and prudent to do so. We tend to take a long time to correct errors—it took seventy-five years to get the lead out of gasoline. Let’s do a better job this time. So many considerations and pieces of evidence are compiled in this one comprehensive volume. I hope and implore that it moves us all to do whatever it takes—make whatever adjustments necessary—to correct this error, because it CAN be corrected—indeed MUST be corrected—so let’s just DO IT. THEN we can focus more effectively on the harder problems lying ahead.

– Martha R. Herbert, PhD, MD

From RFK, Jr.:

People who advocate for safer vaccines should not be marginalized or denounced as anti-vaccine. I am pro-vaccine. I had all six of my children vaccinated. I believe that vaccines have saved the lives of hundreds of millions of humans over the past century and that broad vaccine coverage is critical to public health. But I want our vaccines to be as safe as possible.

…There is a broad consensus among research scientists that Thimerosal is a dangerous neurotoxin that should be immediately removed from medicines. Several hundred peer-reviewed scientific publications by the world’s leading research scientists, public health agencies, universities, and teaching hospitals have confirmed that Thimerosal is a potent neurotoxin that has never been proven safe for medical use and for which cost-effective alternatives exist.

Indeed, the evidence of Thimerosal’s neurotoxicity is so overwhelming and the lack of any safety data so complete that anyone who is willing to read science and who believes in the capacity for scientific methods to determine empirical truths must conclude that Thimerosal causes serious brain damage.

For many years, I’ve been puzzled by the bland and apparently baseless insistence by public health regulators and members of the press that it is safe to inject mercury—one of the world’s most neurotoxic elements—into young children and pregnant women. Over the past three years, I’ve engaged a crack team of respected scientific researchers to review the voluminous peer-reviewed literature related to Thimerosal and human health. Not surprisingly, that team was unable to find even a single publication that credibly demonstrates Thimerosal’s safety. Meanwhile, reams of toxicological, pharmacological, epidemiological, animal, and human studies have implicated Thimerosal in a range of neurological disorders. In fact, there is a virtually unanimous scientific consensus among the hundreds of research scientists who have published peer-reviewed articles in the field that Thimerosal is immensely toxic to brain tissue and should not be injected into children.

Public health agencies and government officials have repeatedly declared Thimerosal-preserved vaccines to be safe. Among the most important examples of these statements is a widely known report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published in 2004. The report purported to refute any link between Thimerosal exposure and autism. However, this conclusion was based almost entirely on epidemiological studies, which are unable to prove causation. Furthermore, the epidemiological studies have many flaws, and their authors possess significant conflicts of interest.

Exposure to Thimerosal increased beginning in 1989 and rose sharply during the early 1990s as new vaccines were added to the US childhood vaccine schedule. This increased exposure to mercury via vaccines coincided closely with increased case reports of neurodevelopmental disorders, including a dramatic increase in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) cases and a rise in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).16 17 According to various studies, the prevalence of ASDs rose in the US from a historical rate of approximately 1 in 2,000 through the 1980s to as high as 1 in 166 children by the early 2000s.1819 Attention problems reported by pediatricians’ offices rose from 1.4 percent of patients in 1979 to 9.2 percent by 1996, according to one study, with other studies also documenting a steady upward movement in rates of ADD and ADHD from 1970s’ baselines.

Although Thimerosal now only appears in trace amounts in vaccines on the US childhood immunization schedule, the potential threat to children’s neurological health continues today in the form of seasonal flu vaccines, preserved with Thimerosal, that are administered to pregnant women and babies.

Recent CDC figures confirm ADHD prevalence has remained as high as nearly 1 in 10 children.28 29 The prevalence of any developmental disability in US children went up from 12.84 percent in 1996 to 15.04 percent by 2008.30 ASD statistical rates, for their part, have soared higher still. In March 2012, the reported prevalence (as of 2008, in 8 year olds) stood at 1 in 88 children; in March 2013, the prevalence figure (as of 2011-2012, between the ages of 6 and 17 years) came in at a staggering 1 in 50 children, with 1 in 31 boys affected, though this report was based on a less-reliable survey of parents. Most recently, in March 2014, a more reliable figure of 1 in 68 was reported (as of 2010, in 8 year olds).

Based on this book’s analysis, we are calling for policy and industry shifts that will lead to Thimerosal’s removal from all remaining vaccines within a year. Vaccines are unquestionably one of the greatest achievements in medical science. They have prevented countless terrible illnesses. We hope that the elimination of an unnecessary mercury-containing ingredient in vaccines will ease future doubts about vaccine safety. Restoring faith in the vaccine regimen while maintaining or increasing vaccination rates is critical in the United States and especially in developing nations, where Thimerosal-containing childhood vaccines are still very much in use.

Get the book and keep reading… you’ll be amazed

Read more by buying the book at BN.com (don’t buy from Amazon.com, as Amazon revenues subsidize the Washington Post, a pro-vaccine fake news rag run by deceptive globalists).

/zikatruth/2017-01-12-excerpts-from-robert-f-kennedy-jrs-book-thimerosal-let-the-science-speak-the-evidence-supporting-the-immediate-removal-of-mercury-a-known-neurotoxin-from-vaccines.html/feed 0
The CDC wishes you weren’t aware of these four polio facts /zikatruth/2017-01-12-the-cdc-wishes-you-werent-aware-of-these-3-polio-facts.html /zikatruth/2017-01-12-the-cdc-wishes-you-werent-aware-of-these-3-polio-facts.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 If pressed on the matter, the average person would probably insist that vaccines save lives, and that the science is incontrovertible in support of this position. Even many vaccine skeptics who reject some of the more modern vaccines like HPV and the flu shot would be quick to interject that society would still be facing epidemics of polio, for instance, if it were not for the advent of vaccines.

Though a commonly held belief, vaccines are not lifesaving medical tools as many people have been falsely led to believe. In fact, evidence compiled over many decades suggests that the exact opposite is true — that not only are vaccines not responsible for eradicating communicable illnesses like polio, but that in many cases they have actually caused them.

Here are four solid pieces of evidence from history showing that the polio vaccine — the holy grail of vaccinology — was basically a fraud from the outset:

1) Polio was already on the decline long before the first polio vaccine was introduced

Research published in the journal International Mortality Statistics back in 1981, shows that incidences of polio had already been rapidly declining in the years between 1923 and 1953 — largely as a result of improved sanitation and plumbing — before the time when the first polio vaccine developed by Dr. Jonas Salk was even introduced. Over the course of this 30-year timeframe, the polio death rate in the United States and England had already dropped 47 percent and 55 percent, respectively, illustrating that the vaccine played no part in this often-cited reduction. (Related: Learn more truth about the history of medicine at Medicine.news)

2) The first polio vaccine gave 40,000 orphans polio, killing at least 10 of them

When Dr. Salk first introduced his experimental vaccine, he worked with the government and church organizations to test it out on vulnerable orphans who didn’t have parents to provide parental consent signatures. They were basically guinea pigs in illegal government experiments — experiments that resulted in 40,000 cases of vaccine-induced polio, hundreds of paralyzing injuries and at least 10 deaths.

It was a disaster of epic proportions, and one that even TIME magazine wrote about in its May 30, 1955, issue:

“In retrospect, a good deal of the blame for the vaccine snafu also went to the National Foundation (for Infantile Paralysis), which, with years of publicity, had built up the danger of polio out of all proportion to its actual incidence, and had rushed into vaccinations this year with patently insufficient preparation.” (Related: Find out what you’re not being told about vaccinations at Vaccines.news)

3) The AMA ordered doctors to cover up the truth about polio vaccines causing polio, or else lose their medical licenses

There was no denying that Dr. Salk’s polio vaccine was responsible for causing polio, and the only way to cover it up was to rename the disease. The official instructions given by the American Medical Association (AMA) to affiliated doctors was to classify polio as one of a number of other medical conditions, including acute flaccid paralysis (AFP), cerebral palsy, Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) and Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS).

Doctors who refused to comply with this mandate were threatened with losing their medical licenses if they told the truth, as the AMA issued a notice in 1956 explaining that “every licensed medical doctor … could no longer classify polio as polio, or their license to practice would be terminated.”

4) DDT pesticide scientifically linked to causing polio

One of the interesting things about polio is that, while it isn’t contagious, it has an extensive history of triggering clustered outbreaks that suggest otherwise. Research published by the vaccine research group Vactruth helps explains this anomaly, showing that various agricultural pesticides and herbicides, including the now-banned DDT chemical, are directly correlated with many of the 1950s polio outbreaks that appeared to have no common denominator.

Stay informed on environmental causes of disease, including pesticides and herbicides, at Enviro.news.

Sources for this article include:



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CDC scientists apparently lost a box of deadly and highly-regulated influenza specimens /zikatruth/2017-01-12-cdc-scientists-apparently-lost-a-box-of-deadly-and-highly-regulated-influenza-specimens.html /zikatruth/2017-01-12-cdc-scientists-apparently-lost-a-box-of-deadly-and-highly-regulated-influenza-specimens.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 There are more than just a few secrets being kept from the public by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where major incidents involving the release of deadly pathogens are being kept under tight wraps. Laboratory incident reports recently obtained via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by USA Today show that, on many more than one occasion, the CDC has actively censored the truth about serious public health hazards, including one time in which CDC scientists lost a box of influenza specimens designated as “deadly and highly-regulated.”

After two years of waiting for the reports, USA Today investigators and journalists were appalled to find that CDC staff had redacted nearly every important detail from each one, effectively withholding information about what has taken place at its various biosafety laboratories. Despite these redactions, it is clear from the reports that the CDC has been involved in a number of incidents where extremely bio-hazardous material has gone missing and important safety equipment has gone awry. (RELATED: Stay informed on infectious disease outbreaks at Outbreak.news)

In numerous instances, the CDC was found to have withheld the details of the types of viruses and bacteria that “escaped” during laboratory mishaps. The agency went even further in other incidences, blacking out entire blocks of text that would have explained what actually occurred in the first place. During the Ebola crisis, an incident involving a CDC worker’s purified air hose suddenly disconnecting, “again,” is also documented.

USA Today is compiling as many of the details of these various heavily-redacted case reports into an ongoing “Biolabs in Your Backyard” investigation, which has already brought to light hundreds of safety incidents that have taken place not only at the CDC and other government facilities, but also at both public and private research facilities, many of which are located at colleges and universities, all throughout the country.

CDC reporting on biohazards looks like ‘Swiss cheese,’ says USA Today

While the CDC has been working tirelessly to keep the details of these many incidents at its labs away from public scrutiny, the cat is already out of the bag. And yet, despite more than 100 labs throughout the country that work with potential bio-terror pathogens having already faced sanctions for major safety violations, little or nothing is being done to address them and protect public health.

Sometimes for years at a time, regulators have allowed labs in violation to continue performing experiments that put not only workers but also the public at risk. In some cases, regulators do not even know which facilities are operating in violation of these failed safety inspections — not even the Government Accountability Office (GAO) knows their identities. (Note: Follow more news on technology gone wrong at Glitch.news)

What was most concerning to USA Today investigators was 503 pages of reports about pathogens that are listed as potential bio-terror agents in the Federal Select Agent Program. These reports were so heavily redacted, the news outlet said, that they looked like “Swiss cheese.” In response, the CDC has claimed that redacting this important information is fully legal, citing an obscure 2002 bioterrorism law.

“[I]n many cases, the CDC blacked-out information from lab incident reports that the agency often promotes when touting its capabilities and accomplishments on its website or in scientific journals, such as the fact that the CDC operates biosafety level 4 labs, the highest safety level, or that it studies specific organisms like the Ebola virus,” USA Today explains.

The CDC insists that none of the incidents where pertinent information was redacted had any negative impact, or caused any illness, among CDC staff or in the public. But this naturally begs the question: why, then, did the CDC decide to redact all these details from the reports in the first place?

Sources for this article include:



/zikatruth/2017-01-12-cdc-scientists-apparently-lost-a-box-of-deadly-and-highly-regulated-influenza-specimens.html/feed 0
Doctors agree with censored study that concludes unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children /zikatruth/2017-01-08-doctors-agree-with-study-that-concludes-unvaccinated-children-are-healthier-than-vaccinated-children.html /zikatruth/2017-01-08-doctors-agree-with-study-that-concludes-unvaccinated-children-are-healthier-than-vaccinated-children.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The assertion that vaccines may cause systematic changes to children’s immune and nervous systems is accepted as a possibility by a large number of doctors, including many who consider themselves “pro-vaccine.”

“If you don’t ask the right questions, you can’t find the right answers,” said Tommy Redwood, MD, an emergency room doctor in Atlanta, Georgia, with 26 years of medical experience. “If you summarily dismiss the possibility that the increasing rates of childhood illnesses, including ADD, autism, asthma and other auto-immune disorders are connected to vaccines, you can’t figure out if our children’s health problems are vaccine-related injuries.”

Redwood says he suspects that over-vaccination plays a role in the worsening health outcomes seen among children in recent decades.

Chronic disease risk higher

The most recent, peer-reviewed study was accepted for publication by the journal Frontiers in Public Health, according to Jennifer Margulis, PhD. The study was assigned a DOI number and the abstract published on the journal’s website. Several days later, all signs of the study vanished from the site without explanation

Margulis is the author of Your Baby, Your Way and the co-author (with Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D.) of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan.

According to Margulis, the abstract described a study comparing health outcomes of 660 fully vaccinated or fully unvaccinated children between the ages of 6 and 12 living in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oregon. Information was collected via parental survey in 2012.

The researchers found that while unvaccinated children were significantly more likely to get chickenpox and pertussis (whooping cough), they were significantly less likely to have allergies, ear infections, pneumonia, or central nervous system disorders (including autism) than the fully vaccinated children.

Indeed, vaccinated children had twice the risk of chronic illness and four times the risk of autism, learning disabilities, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Vaccinated children who had been born prematurely were six times more likely to suffer from autism or other central nervous disorders than unvaccinated children.

Several prior surveys of parents comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children have shown similar results.

Doctors call for more research

The reality of vaccine injury is obvious to many doctors, such as integrative physician Kelly Sutton MD of Fair Oaks, California. Sutton says she sees vaccine-injured patients every day.

“It’s not a rational thing to think that we can just give an ever-increasing number of vaccines without causing damage,” Sutton said. “There’s a tipping point for many people in terms of the toxins that they can handle.”

Sutton says she regularly hears from parents who chose to leave younger children unvaccinated that the unvaccinated children in the same family have better health, social adjustment and academic performance than their vaccinated siblings.

Bose Ravenel, MD, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, used to scoff at the idea of a connection between vaccines and autism. But after examining the scientific data for himself, the 78-year-old doctor said he could no longer support the party line.

“There is clearly a relationship between vaccines and autism,” Ravenel said. “But to say that ‘vaccines cause autism’ is an inaccurate, non-nuanced statement. At the same time, to say that ‘vaccines don’t cause autism’ is also inaccurate. In certain conditions, like with mitochondrial dysfunction, vaccines certainly can cause autism or contribute to it.”

Ravenel supports research into the risks of vaccines in order to find ways to improve their safety.

Such perspectives are common among “pro-vaccine” doctors who are willing to examine the research without bias. A similar line is taken by neuroscientist Rene Anand of Ohio State University.

Anand, who says vaccines have saved millions of lives, researches genetic susceptibility to brain disorders. And he rejects as scientifically inaccurate the claim that vaccines do not contribute to autism.

The large numbers of parents who saw immune and cognitive function decline immediately after vaccination are indicative of something, Anand says. And that needs to be investigated.




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Bill Gates quietly funding effort to develop thousands of new vaccines that conveniently ‘might’ become pandemics /zikatruth/2017-01-05-bill-gates-quietly-funding-effort-to-develop-thousands-of-new-vaccines-that-conveniently-might-become-pandemics.html /zikatruth/2017-01-05-bill-gates-quietly-funding-effort-to-develop-thousands-of-new-vaccines-that-conveniently-might-become-pandemics.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Bill and Melinda Gates, via their Gates Foundation, have donated billions of dollars to fund new vaccines—medicines that, in fact, have caused great harm to a great number of people. But with about a million viruses in existence that we still know nothing about, it’s likely that the Gates Foundation and other globalists will pour more resources into developing new vaccines that will work to reduce the population.

That seems inconceivable on its face, but when you examine the facts and some of Bill Gates’ own statements, you’ll discover for yourself that is exactly the plan.

As reported by The Week, since the dawn of Man, viruses have had deadly effects on populations, remaining hidden for centuries before they finally evolve into something that kills. In modern times, when a new virus begins to take its toll, medical science plays a game of catch-up by attempting to devise a vaccine that will combat the virus. That’s “always too late,” says Jonna Mazet, a scientist at the University of California, Davis. She told The Week that science needs “to think about something different.”

She has proposed a global effort to identify and catalogue every virus known and as yet unknown through an effort called the Global Virome Project. Indeed, the idea is not new; it’s been around for some time and is supported by individual scientists and organizations that include the U.S. Agency for International Development, a nonprofit group known as the EcoHealth Alliance, ProMED, HealthMap, and epidemic risk firm Metabiota.

Gates has said he wants to lower the world’s population

At present, there appears to be support for a global effort picking up steam, with health organizations and scientists constantly called upon to respond whenever a new viral threat arises.

Also, the World Health Organization has launched the R&D Blueprint, a project that aims to bolster development of treatments and countermeasures for diseases that the global health agency has assessed as posing the most critical risks, including Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever.

Who’s involved? The World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Wellcome Trust, which, together, have formed an organization known as the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. The goal, ostensibly, is to find answers and help fund the development of vaccines that would be needed in an epidemic but not likely to be profitable for the vaccine makers.

Plus, a pilot project that’s been underway for about seven years, called PREDICT, has already discovered about 1,000 new viruses.

But is the real goal to save as many lives as possible? Not according to the billionaire Microsoft founder. During a TED talk that was posted online around 2010, Gates ties new vaccine development in with reducing the population of the planet as a way to arrest ‘global warming/climate change.’

“The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent,” Gates actually said, as further documented by TruthWiki.

The TruthWiki site noted further that Gates wants to trim the world’s population—to lower ‘dangerous’ CO2, which is actually necessary to sustain life on the planet—using vaccines in different ways.

Reducing the population through the use of vaccine-generated ‘pandemics’

One, vaccines contain dangerous heavy metal toxins like mercury (thimerosal), as Natural News has well-documented. In fact, site founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has actually tested flu vaccines at CWC Labs and found them to contain mercury. Many also contain other heavy metals like aluminum, as well as known carcinogens like formaldehyde, which would kill people in slow, often undectable ways.

Vaccines could also be deployed to reduce or eliminate fertility, thereby artificially lowering birth rates around the world. In fact, in some industrialized nations throughout Europe, this is already happening as death rates exceed birth rates. Vaccines could be used to cause miscarriages or spontaneous abortions, which is much more easily accepted by establishment scientists.

Then there could also be a pandemic created through the use of vaccines, to kill off hundreds of millions or even billions of people. It could be as easy as developing a virulent new flu strain then forcing nearly everyone to take it.

Either way, as you can see here, Gates has made it clear reducing the world’s population over the phony issue of “global warming” is his goal, and he has said as much.







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Experts reveal the tricks mainstream media uses to brainwash and control the masses /zikatruth/2017-01-05-experts-reveal-the-tricks-mainstream-media-uses-to-brainwash-and-control-us.html /zikatruth/2017-01-05-experts-reveal-the-tricks-mainstream-media-uses-to-brainwash-and-control-us.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 You may not know this, but intelligence agencies around the world have, for decades, infiltrated “target” countries by having their agents and operatives pose as journalists (no, I’m not an intelligence operative). That served two purposes: 1) it provided the operative with legitimate cover; and 2) it allowed the operative’s government to use the operatives “media” position to shape public opinion in the host country.

Brainwash them, in other words, with propaganda.

But in truth, that kind of propagandizing and brainwashing is also done by institutional media pushing a specific political agenda. Think back to our recently concluded presidential election cycle and what the “mainstream media” did in a failed effort to get its anointed candidate, Hillary Clinton, elected. They lied, made up narratives out of whole cloth, and tried to smear her opponent, now-President-elect Donald J. Trump, in an effort to defeat him.

As reported by The Waking Times, experts denote a number of techniques that are used by the establishment media to brainwash the public and create/control the daily narrative.

The mainstream media are the real purveyors of ‘fake news’

Edward Bernays is known as the father of modern propaganda. He was the first to use social engineering techniques spread via the mass media of the day. In the early 20th century, he laid the groundwork for what became cultural programming at the societal level by assisting in the transformation of a mostly rural, agrarian-based American society into a homogenized culture of devout statists and consumers.

The principles he developed and implemented have greatly influenced the growth of American culture, how it grew and the direction it took. Having picked up Bernays’ torch in the 21st century, several experts on modern brainwashing, mind control and propaganda have recently given insight into their craft.

Think about what is ailing our country today, in terms of societal problems. There is corruption of so-called “grassroots movements” that are actually funded by Left-wing billionaires such as George Soros and Bill Gates, and yet the movements are portrayed by the establishment media very often as spontaneous and locally brewed, but all are attempting to achieve a specific social and political result.

The efforts of these allegedly organic groups are amplified many times their size by the media, which gives them both credence and a megaphone with which to shout their views. And what do they shout? America is racist, bigoted, homophobic, unfair, politically broken, etc. Never are the calls for unity or praise for our country given any attention at all.

Much of this is done via a technique known as “astroturfing.” Seasoned veteran investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson explains, “Astroturf is a perversion of grassroots. Astroturf is when political, corporate or other special interests disguise themselves and publish blogs, start Facebook and twitter accounts, publish ads, letters to the editor, or simply post comments online, to try to fool you into thinking an independent or grassroots movement is speaking.”

Controlling our thoughts by creating false narratives

Another technique used is subliminal messaging. This is a cornerstone of mind control, and when a person is unwittingly bombarded with cleverly concealed information, an emotion can be trigged leaving a person’s intellect and better judgment subjugated in favor of a mental process like fear or sexual desire. You may never consciously understand or realize why you begin to adopt certain behaviors, products of lifestyles, but the attraction is nonetheless real and that manifests itself through actual personal choices.

In a 2011 documentary called Programming the Nation, filmmaker, graphic artist and digital media producer Jeff Warrick, a former advertising sales rep, provided examples of how subliminal messaging and other subconscious methods are employed by ad executives and other media to create cultural ‘norms’ and social programs like consumerism, materialization of women’s bodies, health choices and the glorification of violence.

“Could such techniques really be contributing to a variety of social, political and economic problems currently present in our culture? Such as obesity, anorexia, and other eating disorders? The ongoing war on terror? And what about the ever-increasing amounts of debt, that has tightened its grip on a growing percentage of the population?” the documentary says.

Other techniques include fake news—yes, by the mainstream media—omission (not covering an issue as though it wasn’t real or important); slanting coverage through the use of biased “expert” sources; and publishing falsified data and science as though it were legitimate.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.





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ZIKA DOOMSDAY HOAX UNRAVELS: Predicted ‘explosion’ of brain defects didn’t happen… entire scare campaign was manufactured /zikatruth/2016-08-04-zika-dommsday-hoax-unravels-mike-adams.html /zikatruth/2016-08-04-zika-dommsday-hoax-unravels-mike-adams.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 From the very first day Zika hysteria was catapulted into mass awareness, I have correctly called it a massive hoax. My most recently article spells out the real agenda behind the obvious quackery of Zika hysteria. It’s entitled Staged Zika pandemic was engineered by globalist governments to justify the aerial bombardment of awakening populations with toxic chemicals.
Now, the Zika fraud has started to unravel as the Zika doomsday predictions failed to materialize. (How could the predictions be correct in the first place? It was all based on infectious disease quackery and viral voodoo.) “Brazil’s Ministry of Health has launched an investigation into the cluster of babies born with brain defects linked to the Zika virus, after an expected ‘explosion’ of cases across the country did not occur,” reports The Globe and Mail (Canada).

It turns out that even though Zika-carrying mosquitoes spread across Brazil and infected untold millions of people, those infections never translated into neurodevelopmental birth defects (shrunken brains).

The Zika virus alone, in other words, isn’t causing a wave of microcephaly, which is exactly what I’ve been accurately telling everyone since day one.

The sky is falling! Shocking lack of brain deformities baffles all the experts who still won’t admit they were wrong

“The bulk of the cases of congenital Zika syndrome – fetal brain defects that sometimes cause microcephaly, or abnormally small skulls – remain clustered in the northeast region of the country,” reports the astonished Globe and Mail. This defies all the “official” predictions, of course, which warned the world of a doomsday Zika scenario where humans in all the tropical regions of the world would be reduced to babbling, stunted deformed creatures unless we all agreed to be bombarded by aerial pesticide chemicals.

From the Globe and Mail:

“We can see there is a kind of cluster in [part of] the northeast region with high prevalence and high severity, of miscarriage and congenital malformation that is really severe,” said Fatima Marinho, coordinator of epidemiological analysis and information at the ministry.

“But we didn’t find this in other states – even the [adjacent] states didn’t see the same situation as in the epicentre.… We were preparing for an explosion and it didn’t come. “So we started to think that in this central area maybe more than Zika is causing this intensity and severity.”

Note that even now, these scientists still can’t admit they were wrong. They can’t say that Zika has nothing to do with the microcephaly cases. And they most assuredly can’t admit that it was a larvicide chemical dumped into the water supply that caused the neurodevelopmental deformities from the very beginning.

Yet, once again, Zika hysteria dominated the scientifically illiterate media, in much the same way that the climate change hoax also grabs headlines. In both cases, you have the combination of false fear and bad science, amplified by a scientifically illiterate (but politically compliant) mainstream media, and believed by a gullible population of cowardly consumers who fall for every quack science hoax perpetrated on them by dishonest government.

According to quack scientists, mosquitoes conduct “racial profiling” to bite black people of low economic status

To demonstrate how ridiculous the status quo theory is on Zika, consider the fact that the documented microcephaly cases in Brazil appeared predominantly in black Brazilians of low economic status.

Now, if you believe the Zika doomsday scientists, that can only happen if mosquitoes are racially profiling people and selectively targeting black people after checking their bank accounts to make sure they’re also poor. Such a belief is, of course, utterly ridiculous.

Mosquitoes don’t care what color you are. All they know is that you’re a warm-blooded being with a source of nutrients they need.

So what’s the real explanation for the cluster of microcephaly cases among lower income regions of Brazil where predominantly black-skinned people live? Because that’s where they dumped the “pyroproxyfen” chemical into the water!

The obvious answer is already identified: Toxic chemicals that cause brain deformities

Pyroproxyfen is the larvicide chemical used by the Brazilian government to try to quell mosquito populations in the poorer, more rural regions of Brazil. The chemical, as I have exhaustively documented here on Natural News, works by destroying the neurological development of insects. A group of scientists in Brazil already sounded the alarm about pyroproxyfen, saying it was the actual cause of the microcephaly.

As reported in Natural News, Feb. 11, 2016:

From the doctors at Red Universitaria de Ambiente y Salud (the Red University of Environment and Health):

A dramatic increase of congenital malformations, especially microcephaly in newborns, was detected and quickly linked to the Zika virus by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. However, they fail to recognise that in the area where most sick persons live, a chemical larvicide producing malformations in mosquitoes has been applied for 18 months, and that this poison (pyroproxyfen) is applied by the State on drinking water used by the affected population.

Pyroproxyfen is extremely toxic to all forms of life that have a nervous system and carries numerous severe warnings about its toxicity. See PubChem for details.

Zika virus has been around more than 60 years, but has never caused brain deformities

What we are all witnessing with Zika doomsday hysteria is one of the most obscene scientific hoaxes of the decade, second only to the climate change hoax that’s still being perpetrated by the hucksters and con artists of incompetent (and corrupt) government.

Another telling admission in the obvious fraud of the Zika doomsday hoax is the undeniable fact that Zika virus has been around for 60 – 70 years. Yet it has never been found to cause microcephaly before. Hmmm…

The mainstream media even admits all this. Via the Globe and Mail:

The virus currently infecting Brazilians is a new, Asian strain of Zika, which was identified more than 60 years ago but never associated with congenital problems, or known to be sexually transmissible, as this strain is.

And that’s why all the doomsday warnings about Zika never unfolded:

After Brazil, the next country that was expected to see the wave of congenital Zika was Colombia, which has the second-largest number of reported Zika cases. But of more than 12,000 pregnant Colombian women with Zika, only 21 have had fetuses or babies with the brain defects.

So wait a minute. All this Zika hysteria is being pushed across Florida and the United States even after 12,000 pregnant Colombian women with Zika resulted in just 21 babies with brain defects?

Folks, 21 out of 12,000 brain defects is a TYPICAL RATE, with or without Zika. Zika has nothing to do with it. That’s just 0.175% of babies being born with brain deformities of some kind. But if you listen to the Zika hysteria of CNN, you might be convinced Zika causes a 99% brain deformity rate!

According to the delirious state-run media of the United States, Zika is so incredibly dangerous that Olympic athletes are refusing to compete in Rio out of the horrifying fear that they might catch Zika. Woman are cancelling their vacations to Florida. The sheeple are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, frantically slathering themselves with toxic DEET bug sprays in the hope that their own brains won’t be turned to mush by Zika.

I’ve got news for them: Their brains have already been turned to mush by the mainstream media that promoted this Zika doomsday hoax from the get go. And besides, if you’re going to slather yourself with bug spray, use my essential oils-based Bugs Away Spray which is DEET free. Yet, even when I’m plugging my own natural bug spray, I’m telling you right up front that Zika is a total hoax. Even if you’re infected, it’s actually no big deal. Even the CDC admits most people carrying Zika are completely symptomless and require no hospitalization at all. (They don’t even realize they were infected.)

The CDC also admits, by the way, that you will self-immunize against Zika upon the first exposure.

Zika hysteria is the height of modern human idiocy and scientific quackery on parade

Think about it: We’ve got millions of people running around poisoning themselves with chemical bug sprays to protect themselves from a fake, fabricated viral “shrunken brains” threat that isn’t even real.

So to protect themselves from a fictional boogeyman, they are giving themselves real cancer from the toxic chemicals in popular bug sprays. The abject idiocy of all this is astonishing, even to those of us who have already resigned to the fact that most sheeple are too terrified into obedient compliance to dare think for themselves.

Consider the simple fact that if Zika really caused microcephaly, all the populations of Brazil, Colombia and even Haiti or Cuba would have collapsed decades ago. The history books would be full of documented microcephaly pandemics, and legitimate scientists would have been studying this since the 1950’s.

So where are all the shrunken head babies, then?

It’s a simple question: If Zika is so bad and spreading so rapidly, WHERE ARE ALL THE SHRUNKEN HEAD BABIES? Except for a very small number who were born to pregnant women exposed to toxic chemicals, the “wave” of shrunken head babies never materialized. They don’t exist!

But no, we’re supposed to believe that magically, without any particular reason, Zika suddenly and spontaneously started targeting black Brazilians of low economic status, causing brain deformities in their children but no one else’s. It’s ludicrous at every level of scientific and critical thinking.

Turn this all around and consider the following: If, two years ago, someone in the alternative media had claimed that mosquitoes were carrying a virus that selectively caused shrunken brains only in people with black skin and low incomes, we would have been called lunatics by the establishment. But when the establishment says the same ridiculous thing, suddenly it’s heralded as “science!” … no matter how absurd the claims.

Yes, we have a shrunken brain pandemic in America… it’s caused by watching cable news

Yes, there are shrunken brains all over our world, but they’re not caused by Zika. They’re caused by people stupidly believing everything they see reported by CNN’s scientifically illiterate propagandists.

Yes, there is an epidemic of shrunken brains in America, and it’s caused by watching cable news. If you believe anything you see on CNN, you’re probably dumber than a mosquito.

And now that you know what a total farce the Zika doomsday scare campaign really is, ask yourself this simple question: Do you believe anything the mainstream media reports about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

/zikatruth/2016-08-04-zika-dommsday-hoax-unravels-mike-adams.html/feed 0
The Zika hoax is about population control /zikatruth/2016-07-14-the-zika-hoax-is-about-population-control.html /zikatruth/2016-07-14-the-zika-hoax-is-about-population-control.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000

When we hear or read about population control, it does not mean that there are too many people as the propaganda implies. It means that there are too many non-producing, consuming people.

(Article by Bob Livingston)

Not only do we have an aging population, we have a growing population of poor, non-producing consumers.

I have previously stated that the people who rule the world have long-term horizons. They plan 100 to 200 years and longer in advance. People who rule by the power of money and propaganda think beyond their lifetimes. They think about the perpetuation of their ownership of the earth to their own posterity.

If you were one of the ruling oligarchy with people data at your fingertips, you could easily predict the mass mind. Government is a visible political system, but real power behind the government operates above the threshold of intelligence. The conditioned (by the public [non]education system and mass media propaganda) mind does not and cannot understand esoteric (hidden) power. The conditioned mind tends to take things at face value without any serious inquiry. A double dimension plot is not credible to the conditioned mind.

Well, now in modern “democracy,” (a euphemism for benevolent totalitarianism) the aged and the infirm are not lined up and shot. Nor are poor babies gathered up and drowned. There are more “benevolent” and subtle ways to eliminate them.

Enter the Zika virus hoax. I told you in February the Zika virus hoax is a plot to overturn the strict abortion laws of the mostly-Catholic Latin American countries.

In a statement on February 5, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said that that laws and policies that restrict access to sexual and reproductive health services in contravention of international standards, must be repealed and concrete steps must be taken so that women have the information, support and services they require to exercise their rights to determine whether and when they become pregnant [emphasis added].

The Zika hoax promoters’ efforts are working. As expected, there is now an uptick abortions in Latin American countries, reports the New England Journal of Medicine.

The researchers found a particular uptick in Women on Web abortion requests in countries that issued health advisories about Zika, but also legally restrict abortions. The mosquito-borne virus is associated with microcephaly, a congenital condition that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. The researchers defined an “advisory” as a formal warning from the government to avoid pregnancy, a declared state of national emergency or a caution about pregnancy risk from medical professionals.

The findings highlight the need for Latin American women to have access to safe and legal reproductive options, especially as Zika continues to spread, the researchers said.

“Zika will inevitably spread to other countries where safe abortion is restricted,” said co-author James Trussell, the Charles and Marie Roberton Professor of Public and International Affairs, Emeritus, at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

“Therefore, we must ensure that all reproductive choices are safe, legal and accessible,” Trussell said. “To do otherwise would be irresponsible public health practice and unjust policy.” [emphasis added]

The Zika virus is a hoax. Were Zika responsible for the alleged increase in microcephaly cases in Brazil – an increase that is not quantifiable because there are no historic records of microcephaly cases in Brazil – there would likewise be an increase in microcephaly cases in other Latin American countries where the Aedes mosquito is found. But a report by New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) has found none.

NECSI blames the “increase” in Brazilian microcephaly cases on thepesticide pyripoxyfen, which has been added to the country’s drinking water to control mosquitoes.

I reported that in February as well, and told you why corporate governments need population control. Producers — working people — have to balance with nonproducing retired people and nonproducing moochers off the system. So the system promotes killing unborn children (they call it “free choice”),  noncures for degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease, vaccines (we are assured that a Zika vaccine is being “rushed” into production) that reduce natural immunity and kill over time, and chemicals in our food and water that cause cancer and a host of other conditions and birth defects. Chemical warfare and noncures result in population reduction.


Read more at: personalliberty.com

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Mosquito trap maker can’t meet demand amid Zika outbreak /zikatruth/2016-06-22-mosquito-trap-maker-cant-meet-demand-amid-zika-outbreak.html /zikatruth/2016-06-22-mosquito-trap-maker-cant-meet-demand-amid-zika-outbreak.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000

The “enormous demand” created by the international Zika epidemic for traps used to monitor mosquitoes that carry the virus caught their German manufacturer off-guard, two company officials said Friday.

(Article by Jennifer Kay, republished from http://www.elkharttruth.com/news/national/2016/05/27/Mosquito-trap-company-surprised-by-demand-amid-Zika-outbreak.html)

According to Biogents’ only U.S. distributor, a backlog affects 1,950 traps ordered by governments and private businesses in Florida, Ohio, Kentucky and a few other states.

“Yes, unfortunately we have indeed a problem with the enormous demand of the traps due to the Zika outbreak,” Biogents board member Martin Geier confirmed in an email Friday to The Associated Press. “We are a small/medium enterprise and had to adapt our production to the market needs.”

The small company in Regensburg, Germany, typically fills a few thousand orders for these BG-Sentinel traps each year. Now it has had to ramp up production, Geier and board member Andreas Rose said in emails.

“Our stocks were sold out quicker than expected,” Rose said.

An incoming shipment should fill orders for about 1,500 of the traps by the week of June 6, according to BioQuip Products Inc., the Los Angeles-based distributor.

The black, cylindrical traps, slightly larger than ice buckets, draw Aedes aegypti and Asian tiger mosquitoes into bags by emitting a scent that mimics the odor of humans.

“The BG Sentinel trap currently is the best trap for attracting the Aedes mosquitoes. There are other traps on the market, but if you’re trying to do surveillance for Aedes, this one is specifically designed to attract them,” said Susan Weinstein, Arkansas’ public health veterinarian.

Nearly 600 travel-related Zika cases have been reported nationwide. Most people only suffer a mild and brief illness, but the virus can cause severe birth defects and neurological problems in some adults, including a rare syndrome that can be fatal or result in temporary paralysis.

Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told the National Press Club on Thursday that his agency is trying to fast-track innovations to fight Zika, such as new traps that kill female mosquitoes.

“We’ve developed new traps that are effective and actually can knock down the spread of diseases spread, like Zika, by half, very simply, at a low cost,” Frieden said.

Health officials have tracked 160 travel-related Zika cases in Florida, including 37 involving pregnant women. More than half of Florida’s order for more than 300 of the BG-Sentinel traps is delayed, meaning a longer wait for areas of the state that lack this surveillance capacity.

But Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said Thursday he isn’t overly concerned by the backlog, even as other states order more of the traps. Arkansas health officials plan to order more after requesting 20 in December. In Texas, health officials said 50 are on order and they’ll likely request more.

In Florida, mosquitoes caught in the traps are sent to a state lab, newly equipped to screen for Zika, dengue and chikungunya. Florida’s broad Zika response efforts also include a hotline, strident calls from the governor to prepare for the virus as though it were an incoming hurricane, media campaigns to “drain and cover” standing water and more local enforcement of codes requiring property owners to remove containers where mosquitoes might breed.

Associated Press writers Mike Schneider in Orlando contributed to this report.

Read more at: http://www.elkharttruth.com/news/national/2016/05/27/Mosquito-trap-company-surprised-by-demand-amid-Zika-outbreak.html

/zikatruth/2016-06-22-mosquito-trap-maker-cant-meet-demand-amid-zika-outbreak.html/feed 0
Zika: the myths versus the truth /zikatruth/2016-06-22-zika-the-myths-versus-the-truth.html /zikatruth/2016-06-22-zika-the-myths-versus-the-truth.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The Zika virus is not being spread by genetically engineered mosquitoes, nor is it transmitted through vaccines.

(Article by Meredith Cohn, republished from http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/news/current-affairs/zika-the-myths-versus-the-truth-20160601-gp9gnw)

It also is not part of a plan by pharmaceutical companies to boost sales of a future vaccine.

The rumours, conspiracy theories and myths being shared on social media and by word of mouth are seemingly as contagious as the disease.


A dad with his baby, who has microcephaly after his mother was affected by the ZIka virus. Photo: UESLEI MARCELINO

Researchers worry that such misinformation could undermine efforts to control Zika’s spread and even the public’s willingness to accept any vaccine. Public health officials are working to share accurate information about the virus and its risks with the public.

“Once people have made up their minds about something, it’s hard for them to change their opinions,” said Mark Dredze, an assistant research professor in the Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.

In a study published recently in the journal Vaccine, Dredze, together with researchers at George Washington University and the University of Georgia, concluded that many Twitter posts on the topic were not backed by science.

Misinformation and outright conspiracy theories have abounded since the beginning of time, those who study the phenomenon say.

They are the “lifeblood of epidemics”, said Dr Howard Markel, a medical historian at the University of Michigan.

The difference now is the amplification the internet and social media offer anyone with a keyboard and connection, he said. With a growing distrust of medical studies and therapies funded by government and big corporations, Dr Markel said, even more people are doubting and filling the web with alternative theories.

Some people thought Ebola was a government plan to eliminate poor Africans, while others suggested maybe it was a medical trial gone horribly wrong.

Others thought HIV was God’s way of punishing gay people or the CIA’s way to eliminate them.

It’s not surprising that some whoppers about a scary and not-particularly understood virus called Zika are making the rounds and getting traction, Dr Markel said.

In April, health authorities officially declared the mosquito-borne Zika caused microcephaly, a severe birth defect characterised by small brains and heads that has affected the fetuses of some infected pregnant women.

In the months preceding the declaration, Dredze’s team found posts wrongly linking microcephaly to the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. That’s the vaccine often blamed for causing autism in children, despite that claim having been debunked widely by scientists.

A February survey found 19 per cent of more than 1000 Americans said they believed scientists thought microcephaly could result when pregnant women drank water containing a pesticide to stop the spread of mosquitoes. But scientists from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found this not to be true.

The survey also found 22 per cent believed scientists were blaming genetically modified mosquitoes for the Zika outbreak, and 20 per cent believed scientists blamed vaccines, though authorities say both are false.

Dr Markel agreed that the myths and conspiracies can be harmful, prompting distrust and fear of treatments and vaccines. Public health officials blamed an outbreak of measles in California among children not vaccinated on parental concerns about the vaccine.

Sometimes it’s not even a conspiracy theory, but the miscommunication of something that began with a kernel of truth, like the genetically altered mosquitoes, which public health officials say may help fight Zika.

“It’s like the old game of telephone, when by the time you pass the information from person to person, the message is very different at the end,” Markel said.

Read more at: http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/news/current-affairs/zika-the-myths-versus-the-truth-20160601-gp9gnw

/zikatruth/2016-06-22-zika-the-myths-versus-the-truth.html/feed 0